What is a DAW? (Digital Workstation)

You might be new to the audio engineering world and are like, what is a DAW? A DAW or Digital Audio Workstation is a program used for editing, mixing, and mastering audio files. In today’s world, there are multiple types of DAWs available for all the different types of operating systems there are out there. Just to name a few, you have Cubase, Fl Studio, Logic, and Pro Tools.

DAWs are totally dependent on the user and the task. There’s a workstation like FL Studio that isn’t as capable when it comes to using audio files and working live performances. However, then you have Pro Tools that is capable of using and recording audio files better than FL Studio.

This however is always dependent on the actual user. The user can be way more proficient in Fl Studio than they are in Pro Tools, making FL Studio the better DAW for that particular user. Giving them more production capabilities overall.


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