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Top 5 Pros and Cons of Photoshop


There are plenty of design tools to use.

Compared to other photo editing tools, Photoshop comes packed with a multitude of features and tools straight out the box. Not only that, but there are tons of great plugins you can add-on as you improve in your photoshop journey.

An all-purpose software

Photoshop comes with tons of capabilities as soon as you get it. You can literally create a multitude of projects such as flyers, greeting cards, business cards, and of course professionally edited photos and animated GIFs.

Social Media platforms

Social media marketing is a cinch when you have Photoshop. You can create anything. Creating promotional material that will catch peoples eyes is incredibly easy. You can mesmerize and seduce people of all race, nationalities, and backgrounds with professional quality images. All this can be done with amateur level knowledge of the software and graphic design.

Increase resolution of images

Ever see an image you liked but it was too small. Photoshop lets you increase any images resolution. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to use this on a project. It is one of the best reasons Photoshop is so good. This feature is great for both print and digital. Increasing an images resolution is definitely a big thing if you’re a graphic designer or photographer.

Different Image formats

Like I said before, Photoshop comes straight out the box with a multitude of functions and tools. This is what makes it one of the best programs around. If there is an image you want to edit, more than likely Photoshop can open and render it.


Overwhelming Interface

First time users can tend to get lost in Photoshop’s overwhelming interface. I know when I first picked it up, there was skepticism that I could even use Photoshop. However after a few tutorials and a lot of time, I was off to making professional quality flyers, business cards, and editing photos.


Photoshop is expensive. Compared to similar programs like Gimp (Which is completely free btw), Photoshop comes with quite the price on it’s ticket.

Poor vector support

If you work heavily with vectors like SVG, Photoshop might not be the tools for you. Vector support is not offered on all versions of Photoshop and you would be better off using Adobe Illustrator or another program you can find.

Demand for good graphics

To use Photoshop to it’s fullest capabilities, good graphics cards are a must. You need good graphics and processors to make the best out of the images you render and for work speed.

More font options out the box

Photoshop has great fonts. It would be better if it had more fonts straight out the box. The typography features could be improved.

Overall, Photoshop is top tier when it comes to Photo editing software. This is what makes it the program it is.


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