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Top 5 Best EQ Plugins

Having problems with choosing an EQ to use with your DAW or maybe you just want to see what’s out there. Here is a list of 5 EQ to checkout.

Default DAW EQ

Sometimes the best EQ to use in a DAW is the default EQ that comes pre installed. Like with DAWs such as FL Studios and Pro Tools, you have high quality EQ built right in the system as soon as you install the software.

ReaEQ Cockos

Another great EQ comes from the Reaper DAW from Cockos. This EQ comes with the standalone install package ReaPlugs. It includes a complete pack of plugins for free. This equalizer comes with an adjustable number of bands which is my absolute favorite part in this.

Soneq by Sonimus

The Soneq is an analog equalizer from Sonimus. It is a 3 band Equalizer with low, mid, high. There are 2 Musical Filters. It has a high-pass and low-pass. Comes with preamp stage with bass booster. Also has a 64-bit floating point precision. Goes up to 192kHz sample rates.

MEqualizer by MeldaProduction

MEqualozer is a plugin from MeldaProductions. It really does a great job removing and enhancing sound. Its completely free and does it’s job really well. Its parametric and comes in a bundle that’ll really get the job done.

Blue Cat by Blue Cat

Another great EQ is Blue Cat’s Equalizer from their Blue Cat. The best part about this plugin ia that it’s completely free. It comes in a plugin pack bundle. It’s a parametric EQ so you can see everything your doing and has a great sound to it. It hugs the sound beautifully and really does a great job removing and enhancing sounds.


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