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    Free Auto-Tune VST Plugin

    Auto-tuning is a very common vocal effect nowadays. It corrects the pitch of ones voice to match the pitch of the instrumental or beat. This is very helpful in situations where the artist might not be the best singer. There are a variety of plugins you can use to auto-tune your voice. I will show you the best plugin in my opinion. This is to show you there are many alternative ways to auto-tune your project without there being a price involved. Graillion 2 When it comes to free auto-tuning software, I believe Graillion 2 is the best software to use. Don’t quote me on that. Graillion 2 delivers a…

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    Top 5 Best LoFi VST Plugins For FREE

    If you produce and engineer music you may be wondering what a good lo-fi plugin is. If you’re new to lo-fi plugins, they add a certain warmth and saturation to the sound; giving it a richer texture and tone. This makes the sound feel more real and gives it more life. Here are 5 cool plugins I found that really help your sound and add that tone that you might be looking for. Great part is they’re all free. LOFI LOFI is a nice plugin I found that has a ton of features to give you that sound that you want out of your instruments. It has pitch shifting. The…

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    Top 5 Best EQ Plugins

    Having problems with choosing an EQ to use with your DAW or maybe you just want to see what’s out there. Here is a list of 5 EQ to checkout. Default DAW EQ Sometimes the best EQ to use in a DAW is the default EQ that comes pre installed. Like with DAWs such as FL Studios and Pro Tools, you have high quality EQ built right in the system as soon as you install the software. ReaEQ Cockos Another great EQ comes from the Reaper DAW from Cockos. This EQ comes with the standalone install package ReaPlugs. It includes a complete pack of plugins for free. This equalizer comes…

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    What are Odd-order Harmonics?

    Harmonic distortion is where the output of the audio signal has added more components that occur naturally to the signal on the input. This sometimes happens symmetrically. Therefore, this produces Odd-order Harmonic Distortion at the third and fifth harmonics. This isn’t a pleasant sound for most. However, they do have their uses and can be important parts of a mix if used correctly.

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    What is Equalizing?

    Equalizing is the carving of frequencies to mix and fix any conflicting parts in a song. Even though equalizing is a necessary part of audio engineering and producing, it can be overused and cut out too much of the “meat” in a mix. High Pass Filters HP Filtering is when you are working with instruments in mid to high frequency range. This means instruments other than the bass, sub, and kick. However, when mixing your songs the best thing to do is to go by ear. The filters are for tracks that focus on frequencies above 200-250hz. Why HP-filter your song?  When HP-filtering, you don’t want to take all…


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