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    What is Audio Compression?

    Compression is the reduction of dynamic range in an audio signal. When you see a typical compressor, it has thresholds, ratio, attack, and release. Threshold The threshold indicates where the compressor begins compressing the signal. This means setting the threshold to 20dB will only compress the signal once it reaches 20dBs. Ratio Ratio is the amount of power the compressor removes from a signal. This means a 20:1 amount of ratio would reduce way more from the signal than a 10:1 amount of ratio would. So for example a 10:1 compression ratio compresses ever 10dB over the threshold. The difference would be more audible than visual. However you can control…

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    What is Music and Audio Mixing

    What is Mixing? What is Mixing when it refers to music and audio? A music producer is a form of audio engineer, but not all audio engineers are necessarily music producers. Audio engineering is the compilation of multi track audio into a final mono, stereo, or surround sound track. Equipment Many would argue that you might not need a professional studio to get a great mix. However, to really get the most out of your track, equipment is very important. That’s why it costs so much money. Don’t listen to the hype though. You may have a budget of only $200, but never let that stop you from starting your…


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