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    Free Auto-Tune VST Plugin

    Auto-tuning is a very common vocal effect nowadays. It corrects the pitch of ones voice to match the pitch of the instrumental or beat. This is very helpful in situations where the artist might not be the best singer. There are a variety of plugins you can use to auto-tune your voice. I will show you the best plugin in my opinion. This is to show you there are many alternative ways to auto-tune your project without there being a price involved. Graillion 2 When it comes to free auto-tuning software, I believe Graillion 2 is the best software to use. Don’t quote me on that. Graillion 2 delivers a…

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    The Best DAW of 2020

    You might be asking yourself what the best DAW is. Maybe you are new to making music and need something good to start on, or you have been making music for a while and want someone’s opinion on which DAW or DAWs they use. When you ask yourself what the best DAW is, that question can only be answered with why you want it for. Begining Producer If you are a producer just starting out, you have too many questions about which DAWs are the best. I know, I’ve been there. There is only one DAW that comes to mind when I think of my earlier producer days. FL Studio.…

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    Top 5 Laptops of 2020

    You may be shopping around for a new laptop this year and want some advice on which laptop to choose. This is a list of 5 laptops that can handle any problem you give them. Whether that be for multimedia use or serious projects for school. Here are simple pros and cons of each laptop in no particular order. Dell XPS 13 Pros Excellent battery life Impeccable design Pretty expensive Cons Palm Rest Ergonomics Brightness Touch Pad Front Camera HP Elite Dragonfly Pros Extremely light weight Exceptional build quality Supports intel vPro LTE Connectivity Standard three year warranty Cons Uses older generation CPUs Only available in dark blue Frequent fan…


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