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    How Do You Master A Song?

    What is Mastering? What is Mastering? It is the polish that completes a song and gets it ready for distribution. This means it prepares music for listening platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Mastering gives a uniform sound to an album, genre, and artist. This removes the final problems on the tracks. What is mixing? Mixing is the process of combining the instruments and/ or vocals of a song. Beginners might attempt to do both at the same time. I myself am guilty of this. Before, I used mix and master the music on the same file as the original MIDI mix and everything. However, mixing focuses on blending…

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    Top 5 Tips to Fix Your Muddy Vocals and Mixes

    Have you ever had that one mix that was just so “muddy” but you just couldn’t figure out what it was? I’m right there with you. It’s frustrating when you’re trying to trying to find the instrument or frequency that’s making that thick sound but you can’t really clear it up. Feels like a thick piece of mucus that just won’t come up. Here, I’ll talk to you about five great ways to attack the problem. Drums It’s good to get the drums out of the way first. Single out each drum and target the drums that stick out the most on the low end (bass drum etc). This will…

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    Top 5 Tips for Better Mastering Results

    Mastering tracks can be a difficult task for beginning producers and engineers. There are a lot of opinions circulating on what the best ways are. Personally I don’t listen to opinion. I prefer to take advice and add it onto my own. I believe you should all do the exact same.  Check The Files First and foremost, always check the mixed tracks before sending them to the final mastering engineer and or mastering them. Do not start mastering with tracks that don’t correlate. You always want to make sure you label the files correctly. For example, you don’t want to place the word “Final” on anything until the complete master…

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    Most Important Pros and Cons to FL Studio

    FL Studio is a great DAW to use. Just like any other Digital Workstation it can become overwhelming for those who are new to it. DAWs are all about preference. There’re those made specifically for live performances and others for intense studio sessions. While some are just for starters to music production and engineering. Here are a few pros and cons to FL Studios. Pros: Compared to other DAWs such as Pro Tools and Reaper, FL Studio is a lot easier to use in my opinion. You might find it a bit confusing at first, but once you move around it a little, you can definitely see where they were…

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    Top 5 Mixing Mistakes That Destroy Your Tracks

    Welcome When mixing music, you have two people in the world. There are the ones who follow rules set out by others, and those who use their ears when making music. The ones who follow rules set out by others tend to miss out on the creative parts of the process. The ones who use their ears on the other hand, are the ones who typically create the rules for those who follow them. Music mistakes are less rigid and more focused on how you approach the process. High-Passing HP Filtering is when you are working with instruments in mid to high frequency range. You can ruin your mixes if…


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